Practice Areas


  • Commercial Law: Negotiation and dispute resolution strategy OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand implementation. Commercial contracts, licensing, regulatory compliance, dispute management and negotiation. Purchase and sale of business operations, assets and rights. Non-competition covenants. Commercial tenancies. Consulting, product development and service agreements. Reporting, record keeping and compliance for carrying on business in Ontario and Canada.
  • Corporate: Business entity due diligence investigation and purchase, organization, reorganization and governance. Management and resolution of shareholder disputes. Shareholder agreements, co-tenancies and other joint venture agreements.
  • Computer Law: Computer system acquisition agreements. Licensing, support, development and other commercial agreements for computer software, hardware or services.
  • Industrial property: Registration, protection and commercial use of trade-marks, copyrights, trade secrets and related rights. Assignment and licensing of patents. Protection of computer software and rights. Infringement claims. Author-publisher contracts and claims.
  • Financing: Loan agreements, venture capital financing, business asset security and registration, priority and postponement agreements, guarantee and indemnity agreements.
  • Taxation: Corporate reorganizations and implementation of tax driven structures or agreements. Commodity taxation. Anti-Dumping.
  • Competition Law: Misleading advertising and other advertising regulation. Marketing law, pricing regulation and offences in the distribution or promotion of goods and services.
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency: Receivership and receivers’ duties. Assignments and proposals in bankruptcy. Directors’ liability claims. Preferences and priorities.
  • Employment: Confidentiality and assignment of invention agreements, employee profit sharing and stock option plans, employment and service agreements, termination of employment.